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BAN Request; Player "chris", multiple reasons

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Community Member
Community Member
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Re: BAN Request; Player "chris" advocating the usage of enemy uniforms

Postby crayon » 12 May 2016, 21:34

chrisvdbrug wrote:yeah that why you keep posting s***...

im crayon i dont care but i keep posting...
im crayon i dont care but i threaten chirs i will come to holland and beat him up in real life.(he ask my addrs )
im crayon soo mature saying all this.
im crayon beter build a fo on a hill cous people spamming RPG.
im crayon ill just stay in base for 10 min then move out.

im soo mature....f*** you man your a wierd f*** guy that has a obsession on me.
i thike your autistic you really need to check yourself man.

you can put all the time in your bulshit post. i wont get band cous i dident do annyting wrong. its just wasting admin time and my time again... like always. but you dont have work soo you got allot of free time for this f*** bulls***...
and you call me the kid;)

grow up and get a job

Really valuable advice. Especially coming from someone so learned and obviously successful. It's rare to get such professional and educated advice without having to pay for it. I appreciate it. As far as "obsession" all that reminds me of is the one time I reacted to the players constant attempts to get some reaction from me and the player started literally squealing "Oh I'm getting to you, I'm getting to you aren't I." I found that so disgusting that I have tried since then to have absolutely nothing to do with the player but with his persistence that has proved impossible.

The fact that this claim of obsession comes from a guy who has spent 4 months trying to goad me into some sort of reaction and has spent the past week competing in a squad-leader vs squad-leader challenge against me - without me knowing or caring about any competition - is paralyzingly embarrassing but there it is; a man with the mind of a child. None of my business though.

As far as the diagnosis of autism I find it highly unlikely this individual has or could ever attain a level of education even approaching that required to make a medical diagnosis, so I will just disregard that. Again, however, it is nice to know that some people still care in this cold dark world.

The only reason I am making this ban appeal at all is that after 4 months of this and numerous people commenting to me that the TacBF community seems immature and toxic I have decided to do what I can to sort it out, starting with the most immature offender which happens to be this specific player.

Again, player chris comes on and starts trashtalk immediately with no provocation from anyone. He thinks that this is just a normal way to do things.

The episodes cited occurred over long range radio communications which the player had stolen and was using for the specific purpose of disrupting gameplay.

The statement "i wont get band cous i dident do annyting wrong" further clarifies that player chris thinks this is normal, acceptable behaviour which should be accepted within a mature community.

Regarding the personal life advice; I do not seek nor require advice from people who occupy the place within the social hierarchy that I believe you do.

Well I think that's about that. Will continue to post relevant screenshots here in the case that he doesn't get vanished soon.
Last edited by crayon on 13 May 2016, 14:20, edited 1 time in total.
It is highly unlikely you will find a lasting solution to a problem if you do not adequately comprehend the origin of that problem.

"an appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile hoping that he will be eaten last"

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Re: BAN Request; Player "chris", multiple reasons

Postby Clay » 13 May 2016, 09:08

To lazy to read all this bulls*** but chris is quite noisy, annoying and salty guy whose squad i'd unlikely join :D
But if he stops this s*** all around him I wouldn'wouldn't ban him, I guess :)

Chris just watch your language, col. trashtalk :)

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