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Dev: (Task based A&D) TA&D (game mode)

Posted: 26 Jun 2016, 13:43
by Dr_Eyeball
New game mode: (Task-based A&D) TA&D - Coop-styled objectives in A&D game mode

What coding changes are required?

There will be various changes required for each scenario type. Some sample scenarios are listed here.
  • First bug to fix is demolitions sometimes not working on objects.
    [+] Solve by
    Solve by providing Interact Menu to Place Explosives and perform object invulnerability checks.

Primary concept Task-based objectives:

Introduce Co-op-styled objectives, more like story driven tasks.
  • It would be ideal if sequenced objectives can be related.
    Eg: find helicopter crash site, destroy helicopter, find pilot, rescue pilot, etc.
    Eg: find HQ with computer, download computer data, use data to determine location of target, find target location, destroy target.
  • Sometimes all tasks will be known at the start of the game. Other times, tasks will be received one by one.

Each task can be very simple, but must be listed (in briefing and task list) and may require consequences to failing or at least scoring.
    So rather than just the basic A&D: capture this zone, then capture the next zone and so on;
    it will be a more elaborate A&D, such as: perform a specific task in this zone, then a new task in the next zone and so on.