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Servers In different countries

Feedback on official TacBF servers
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Servers In different countries

Postby soxoff1990 » 13 May 2016, 05:46

Really want to play this mod. I remember Project REality for BF2 back in the day and that s*** was awesome!!!! This is the closest thing since then from what I see. Just a quick question tho..

I current;y live in Japan, Okinawa to be specific.... Are the servers any good out here, or are Tactical Battlefield servers even supported in Japan???

If not is there a possible workaround for me to play ?

I highly doubt it, but would like a confirmation. Thanks in advance.

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Community Confidant
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Re: Servers In different countries

Postby Clay » 13 May 2016, 09:01

Just try to connect EU#1 server and check if ping is playable for you:)

Good luck!

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Global Moderator
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Re: Servers In different countries

Postby Schadler17 » 13 May 2016, 09:42

TacBF Officially only hosts 2 servers, both being in the EU.
We have(or had) a US Server, but I'm not 100% sure where that has gone since the owner wasn't actually apart of the TacBF Team and didn't seem to communicate well with them to keep it up to date.

So best bet is just the EU 1 server.
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