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Ban Resquest: Adam and Josh

Feedback on official TacBF servers
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Community Member
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Ban Resquest: Adam and Josh

Postby lietuvis10 » 27 Nov 2015, 20:38

Adam and Josh were playing on extraction when the artilery piece respawned -a key asset. They proceeded to squad lock it and then tried to drive it out of artilery base, getting it stuck instead. Then the artilery in a convinient spot either was armad or was SPG-ed and was blown up. They then proceeded to leave the server (EU 1). They did this while being warned to stop what they were doing over SR, LR, Direct speak, Side chat and Global chat.

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Re: Ban Resquest: Adam and Josh

Postby Gunther.S » 28 Nov 2015, 12:58

This is not enough for your 'ban resquest' :/ They didnt really break any rules. Maybe they were going to take the artillery piece away from the AO completely to hide it.

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