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BaranOzora 3 day ban

If you have been banned from an official server you can see it here.
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WARNING: There is a high chance of you breaking a forum rule, if you post a reply to these topics, which can result in a ban.

Topics here are not for general personal opinions on individual bans. The person named in the ban might get more slack, than those not even involved.
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Global Moderator
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BaranOzora 3 day ban

Postby Schadler17 » 13 Feb 2016, 18:52


Intentional TK. Must be appealed.
Post guid as well.
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Re: BaranOzora 3 day ban

Postby Gunther.S » 13 Feb 2016, 20:16

Schadler17 wrote:BaranOzora

Intentional TK. Must be appealed.
Post guid as well.

Player ID****

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