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TB A&S [M-28] Frigid Castle (Chernarus)

Missions (which are accepted as official) are held here, for feedback.
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Re: TB A&S [M-28]: Frigid Castle r1 (Cherno)

Postby Gunther.S » 18 May 2016, 17:43

Hind is fairly easily shot down by bradley unless hind is hiding good from bradley in which they wont be that super effective.. also I guess the bradley is at main base :) . Its assymetrical because tacbf systems really.

Its not a perfect world but blufor gets the Apache. . Opfor has no helo that powerful (for public play)

Opfor air isnt as good as blufor.. not a whole lot I can do to balance it perfectly.

Opps forgot to mention why i even bothered posting.. anyone can take over this mission really.. just take charge.

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