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Dev Progress Update - September 2016: Missions & Game Modes

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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Re: Dev Progress Update - September 2016: Missions & Game Modes

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 10 Nov 2016, 18:05


We have uploaded v3.23.5 RC update on EU1 and EU2.


see Downloads link on forum.

Changelog since last beta update:

  1. Added: Missions Voting: added missions: Karachi, Steel Beasts, Tacticalker, War of Machines.
      Edit: Tacticalker shows wrong terrain name, but this is now fixed for next release.
  2. Deleted: Eden Properties: temporarily removed all TacBF Eden object property editors.
    They are affecting vehicle spawning and are currently considered incomplete and untested.

       Example for mission developers: 
      [+] mission.sqm extract example

      Code: Select all

      class CustomAttributes
          class Attribute0
           expression="_this setVariable ['ICE_spawn_players_max', _value];";
           class Value

       Advice for mission developers: 
      By loading and resaving the mission using this latest version, it will strip out all of the CustomAttributes from mission.sqm, which was proving too problematic for mission developers.
      If you had started to use these Eden TacBF properties already by accident, then you will need to revert to using the old method of using setVariable in the Initialization field again.
Note: Some on-screen debug messages have been deliberately left in this build, to assist with feedback.
But most debug messages will not show after 5 players join.
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