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TacBF 3.20 Changelog

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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Dev & Site Manager
Dev & Site Manager
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TacBF 3.20 Changelog

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 25 Mar 2016, 16:43

Change log for TacBF v3.20.0
This update is mainly a set of important bug fixes, code improvements and a new Mission Voting dialog.
TacBF Team.

    Mission Voting dialog:
  1. Added: a new Mission Voting & Preview dialog.
    1. The dialog can be accessed via: Player menu->Configuration->More->Missions Voting.
    2. It can be accessed during the game, plus voting can be started during the game. Votes will be carried forward to the end game voting for next mission.
    3. Allows you to see a list of almost all TacBF missions. (Newest missions might be absent until each update.)
    4. An admin option exists to allow you to manually add missing missions, which are then maintained by the server (until rebooted).
    5. Each mission includes a map image of the mission layout.
    6. A map image is also available of every island, for missions without a mission image.
    7. Filter options available: mission name (partial search allowed), game mode, player count, terrain name.
    8. Voting allows you to choose a range of mission names and/or features you want to play next. Players are limited to 5 votes. Admins are not limited.
    9. Voting results are tallied and shown to all players, where further voting on those votes can then be done.
    10. Tooltip hints exist for each caption, to explain what various colours mean and other details.

    End game screen:
  2. Tweaked: end game duration increased from 30 to 180s
  3. Added: screen now includes a "Ready" button and for admins a "Finish" button.
  4. Added: screen now includes 2 new list for Played missions and Mission Votes, plus a "Vote for Next Mission" button.

  5. Fixed: the defending side should now have half of the normal BattlePrep duration, allowing for early base deployment/exit.
    Observations: It seems it may not detect the defending side for some missions, resulting in the normal duration.
  6. Fixed: the defending side should now have access to base deployment options, upon BattlePrep ending.
  7. Fixed: the defending side now shows the "BattlePrep" ended message.
    Observations: It seems it may not always show the attacking side this message, but the top countdown banner is obvious enough.

  8. Fixed: A&D: major bug where both factions were considered to be defending, if mission did not specify attacking side. This caused many problems including tickets and respawn issues.
  9. Fixed: first aid: fixed various first aid messages, which had incorrect parsing.
  10. Fixed: nearest medic now includes entire team, not just squad.
  11. Fixed: first aid message: was reporting missing icon: unitbleeding_ca.paa
  12. Fixed: messages: get in 'Boarded.' name was showing driver instead of new passenger.
  13. Fixed: menus: 'Inventory' menu option via Interact on small ammo boxes, now works.
  14. Changed: ammo: reduced GL HE shells limit from 6 to 3 if opposing player count is <= 13 ('low player count').
  15. Fixed: endMission: Added missing function class endMission. This prevented game ending upon detection of invalid mission set up.
  16. Changed: Push boat now allows 1 person to stay in boat and also stops drift after 3m, to prevent it drifting away indefinitely.

  17. Reduced: HO: default max HO count for mission has decreased from 6 to 5. Missions usually override this anyway.
  18. Tweak: Fixed: AI: flag touch radius changed to 15m from 5m when AI on, due to AI not path-finding complex objects sometimes.
  19. Tweak: Fixed: progress bar: in demolition missions, for defending side, progress bar now shows text "Defend ..." instead of "Destroy ...".
  20. Fixed: removed "mins" from some messages.
  21. Changed: reduced AFK minor dur from 300s to 240s.
  22. Tweaked: Messages: Deploy_RP message was Side, not Group.

    Squad Management:
  23. Fixed: bug existed where increasing group size limit beyond 7 was not working, even though it says it did.
  24. Changed: default group size limit for Resistance factions has now increased from 6 to 8, plus max group size is 12 for Res always.

  25. Tweaked: Pre-placed structure markers:
    a) Ramparts are now drawn as skinny wall, not large block.
    b) Warfare structures are now drawn with solid outline.
    c) CamoNets/(sheds?) are now drawn with diagonal pattern.
  26. Added: Markers: Pre-placed razor wires are now drawn.

    Mission Dev's:
  27. Fixed: Validation of zoneList.hpp was reporting DEPQTY checks with incorrect range values. Message clarified.
  28. Added: Validation of zoneList.hpp value types
  29. Fixed: Validation of zoneList.hpp was reporting negative zone id's as invalid, which was incorrect.

  30. Code: XEH: Standardised all TB object classes to be extendedEventHandler compliant, (via ": DefaultEventhandlers" method).
  31. Fixed: Menu keys: these would sometime not initialise quick enough at the very start, causing script errors for a minute.
  32. Changed: Code: keybinding init improvements.
  33. Fixed: menus/AI: bug with changing AI settings not being broadcast back to clients, for use via menus.
  34. Fixed: Zones: BIS_fnc_MP was complaining about nil targets at start for triggers.
  35. Fixed: Zones: had wrong syntax in some parts relating to: _condition = "this"; OR (_zoneHeightRange isEqualTo [])
  36. Added: Debug: Added: "Show cursorTarget parents" tool menu option - also handles odd warfare configs which are not detected by cursorTarget.
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Re: TacBF 3.20 Changelog

Postby Nemesisdk » 25 Mar 2016, 21:48

Thats some nice additions to the mod! Looking forward to the small fixes aswell!

Marko Bolneze
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Re: TacBF 3.20 Changelog

Postby Marko Bolneze » 25 Mar 2016, 22:25

:o very cool, but like always !

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Community Member
Community Member
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Re: TacBF 3.20 Changelog

Postby Mechanique » 26 Mar 2016, 17:25

Noice. Great work there, finally the democracy is here
Is voting menu supposed to change mission or just point out to admins what mission people want? Because it aint workin.

Global Moderator
Global Moderator
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Re: TacBF 3.20 Changelog

Postby Schadler17 » 29 Mar 2016, 14:39

Mechanique wrote:Noice. Great work there, finally the democracy is here
Is voting menu supposed to change mission or just point out to admins what mission people want? Because it aint workin.

I think its just for a reference for admins. Gives players a chance to be heard for which missions they want, except only at slotting screen.
Dont know if its possible to force-change next mission from a script in the previous mission, but if so, f*** yes. Wouldn't even need admins to change maps anymore, only people who vote.
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