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TacBF 3.18 Changelog

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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TacBF 3.18 Changelog

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 04 Feb 2016, 00:10

Change log for TacBF v3.18.0
This update focuses on many fixes, plus changes to help players know their tasks and what is available to them. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports. We could not fix them all, but they will be reviewed again for the next release.
TacBF Team.

    Task System:
  1. Added: New task display system added for the 3 game modes.
    • It shows the required objectives to be completed, plus Logistics which can be performed to assist the team.
    • Tasks now show all deployed FOs/HOs/SRPs or a task to deploy each one.
    • S&D tasks includes "Search bodies", as reminder.
    • Each task or parent task has instructions or advice on what to do with task.
    • Tip: Press J (default Arma 3 key) to quickly show the Tasks list, without opening the map. Also works on map.
    • Known problems: Setting a task as active probably won't work fully in this release. It will need to be improved to handle this.

    S&D game mode:
  2. Fixed: S&D: Search for intel: repeated intel searches are now prevented.

    Squad Management:
  3. Fixed: Request to join squad, was sometimes sent to wrong squad member.
  4. Fixed: Squad size was sometimes limited to 3 players even when SL had the SL kit. It was not recognizing the new SL properly.

  5. Added: rearm: you can now rearm basic ammo and medic gear off any car/truck vehicle periodically, similar to RPs.
  6. Added: damage engine: you can now damage the engine parts of enemy cars, to immobilise them, without it being obvious.
  7. Changed: Fast ropes: Deploying helicopter winch to lower fast ropes, now shows a chat message to all inside helicopter too.
  8. Changed: Menus: cargo and similar sub-menus can now be viewed whilst inside a vehicle too, in order to be able to list and view the options, but they will still be disabled preventing access.
  9. Fixed: Vehicle respawn: fixed execution of local/global/server functions.
  10. Fixed: Vehicle Respawn: _newVeh variable undefined for UAV crew init.
  11. Fixed: Vehicle Respawn: "getout" event called vehicleRespawn on client instead of server, for dragOutWounded & setDead functions.

    UI: Map markers, waypoint (WP) lines:
  12. Added: Markers: You can now delete Spot/Request markers, which were placed by yourself, via the same menus.
  13. Added: Markers: RP/FO markers now show the block radius circle
  14. Changed: Markers: spot/request marker text size increased, plus markers flash for a few seconds initially.
  15. Changed: Markers: Waypoints which are not common "move" commands, will now show caption with waypoint marker.
  16. Changed: Waypoint/Nav map lines will now draw clearly instead of disappearing, even when map is zoomed out.
    Arma seems to now draw clearly visible lines with pixels precision and light/dark edges, even when zoomed out, for thickness = 1. Nice.
  17. Changed: Removed unneeded menu option "Set Line Thickness = 2"
  18. Changed: Some boundary marker colour/brush tweaks.
  19. Changed: Trying to prevent waypoint changing unless SL explicitly changes it or SL arrives at waypoint. Seems to still change at 10m, unsure.
    Currently waypoints can change whenever a stray squad member enters it, even dead ones.

  20. Fixed: Upon accessing Arma main menu, a script error occurred when calling BIS_fnc_initDisplay.
  21. Fixed: minor bug: when TRP tickets ran out, it would show message "Hideout tickets depleted."
  22. Changed: many countdown timers are now displayed as "1m 59s" instead of "1:59 mins".
  23. Changed: Flags: Flags list shown on the map/score/messages, is now sorted (according to links), plus ordered from your base.
  24. Changed: localization: completed more message localization (for messages which were previously being sent using sender's language). Localized some "FO/HO/SRP deployed" and "Score added: reason" messages.
  25. Changed: Menus: tweaked various menus and menu icons
  26. Changed: Squad HUD: increased brightness of red WP (waypoint) line and white completed WP line.

  27. Changed: respawn dialog: spawn list will now show all possible undeployed FO/HO assets, (to help encourage and remind players to utilise them all).
  28. Fixed: Respawn Dialog: Minor: List will no longer show "FO - not deployed" if your side is Resistance, since RES do not use FOs. Avoids confusion.
  29. Changed: Changed: Respawn duration adjustments:
    - scaling is now auto scaled if mission setting is missing.
    - duration is now capped for each mission size [T/S/M/L/H].
    - duration is now capped for very low player numbers, (otherwise the battlefield is empty for too long).

    First Aid:
  30. Fixed: First aid/diagnose: the bleeding message was always saying that you/he does not need a field dressing, rather than saying how badly wounded you are.
  31. Changed: Bleedout: max times reduced from 5 to 4mins, plus mission validation.
  32. Changed: Bleedout timer screen: modified nearest member/medic searches to include team, not just squad.

  33. Changed: Gear: AP mines are now excluded from player's gear after accessing Armaments (and so when player respawns and saved gear is added).
    Otherwise this leads to mine exploit, since AP mines are a limited resource now, via AP mine ammo boxes.
  34. Fixed: Save gear: it will now not save your gear, when simply closing Inventory for normal gear check, i.e. when not at Armaments.

  35. Added: voting: options to increase or decrease BattlePrep duration, by 2 mins or down to 30 seconds, respectively.
  36. Added: WIP - BattlePrep: if side is Defending, then halve the BattlePrep time for them, to allow them to deploy sooner than Attacking side. (completed?)
  37. Changed: BattlePrep: duration message at top becomes bolder as time nears zero.
  38. Changed: (tweaked) BattlePrep duration scaling is now gradually lower for lower player numbers.

  39. Added: warn player if VOIP channel is global, via an on screen message. For now, it only shows in your TFR 'speaking players' list on right hand side, while you/others are speaking.
  40. Added: warn player if SL channel does not match your channel, via an on screen message. Same limitations as 'global channel' change above.

    Rule changes, exploit fixes:
  41. Changed: Base: weapon firing is now prohibited/blocked in main base, at all times.
  42. Changed: IED: You will now be automatically booted from the mission if you attempt to detonate an IED/VBIED in main base, with the IED being prevented.

  43. Fixed: config texture paths: Fighter jet "L-159 ALCA (CAS/AA varieties) (Urban/Hex varieties)" had wrong texture paths.
  44. Fixed: Start up mission message about missing recommendedTotalPlayers setting, is not a required setting any more (yet).
  45. Changed: Added more time left hints and tickets left hints, towards zero.
  46. Changed: Insufficient players nearby, when deploying a FO/RP, will now also show the matching 'request' message and marker, for others.
  47. Changed: View Distance (VD): affects VD hot keys (Ctrl+Shift+1, etc). Now, only 'Object VD' is changed via these keys. 'Max VD' will remain at the max allowable for all cases, resulting in distant hills/landscape being always visible.

  48. Added: AI units will now continuously patrol the destination zone/cache objective area, upon arrival, (rather than standing still until intercepted).
  49. Added: Admin menu "AI Sides Ratios" now allows you to specify some AI infantry ratio values for each side.
    - Eg: 1:0.66 for west:east sides, or you can turn AI off entirely for one side, eg: 1:0.
    - If AI already present, it takes effect when AI start to respawn.

  50. Fixed: Some Weapon Supply containers never resupplied. They were of type "Empty" (no cargo), which were not handled properly.

    Mission Dev's:
  51. Added: ZoneList.sqh data validation. Some dev's are adding '0' links/sync/depend values plus wrong depend count values causing wrong zone structures.
  52. Changed: Modified MW Supply icon to show correct facing direction (via text).
    Mission dev's keep facing Supply containers backwards in missions.
  53. Fixed: Base Deployment dialog: if an FB has no dependencies and FB's side is not your side, then it will be excluded from Base Deployment dialog.
  54. Fixed: Missions: 1 type of "Config kits" ROE violation was not being added properly. Nil msg param.
  55. Fixed: Added some A2 factions (BIS_US, BIS_TK, BIS_TK_INS) configs, since some A3 mod conversions (?) seem to be still referencing them without declaring them, causing Eden editor to fail auto loading a command line mission and the entire map.
  56. Fixed: repacked TB_objects_2.pbo, since it had unreleased changes. This pbo is not changed/binarized with normal build.
  57. Fixed: Eden complains about trailer bug - ICE_fnc_broadcast. Added isNil check.
  58. Changed: fnc_getSetting now allows _default to be an array of 5 values, to be auto selected based on current missionScale.
  59. Fixed: One type of "Config kits" ROE violation was not being added/shown properly. Nil msg param.
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Re: TacBF 3.18 Changelog

Postby Gunther.S » 03 Mar 2016, 13:16

Bump, released today! Get it now!

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Global Moderator
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Re: TacBF 3.18 Changelog

Postby Schadler17 » 03 Mar 2016, 17:53

Gotta love these new objective markers.

Keeps everyone up to date on where to be. Keeps me moving for sure atleast, lol.
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Re: TacBF 3.18 Changelog

Postby KeyCat » 03 Mar 2016, 23:12

Thanks for the update and lets hope the new objective markers will help beginners to stay focused.

Don't know if it's a bug but tonight vehicle map markers was gone on all maps I played.

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J. Ambrose
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Re: TacBF 3.18 Changelog

Postby J. Ambrose » 04 Mar 2016, 00:51

Love the update! Adds a lot of simple but useful things and attempts to really keep the teams a bit more focused, which is always appreciated.

I hope the ability for enemies to commandeer your factions vehicles is just a bug however (much like Keycat's "can't see friendlies after they enter a vehicle" bug) otherwise the ability to hop into a vehicle that should be team-locked compromises the careful balance of the game. If it is a "feature", I hope the dev. team is willing to take it out.

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Re: TacBF 3.18 Changelog

Postby Clay » 04 Mar 2016, 09:49

Is it possible to hide those new markers from map?

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