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TacBF 3.17 Changelog

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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TacBF 3.17 Changelog

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 03 Feb 2016, 08:03

Change log for TacBF v3.17.0
This update focuses on various fixes for recent changes. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports.
TacBF Team.

  • Fixed: Respawn dialog: Dependency list (at bottom) was always blank.
  • Tweaked: Scoreboard: show non-AAS "ticket" values in brackets, since they are not the full ticket value, but instead cache count or spawn ticket value.
  • Tweaked: Show the Respawn dialog sooner (30 not 15 s), since BIS spawn counter is messy with millisecond being shown.
  • Tweaked: Show hint for how to switch weapon off back into hands
  • Fixed: Revive marker instantly disappearing after requesting it

    First Aid/Medic/Dragging:
  • Fixed: Unit is now thrown off static weapon / quad-bike again, if he goes unconscious on it (Looks better / easier to work with)
  • Fixed: While receiving CPR a message would be spammed that treatment was finished
  • Fixed: Lowered damage from receiving while bandage didn't transfer over after revive
  • Fixed: Respawn timer not closing when getting revived after dragging
  • Fixed: When killed in dragging animation the player would stay in that animation (despite being dead) instead of ragdoll
  • Fixed: Some messed up stuff when the person you were dragging was revived (by someone else)

  • Fixed: Team kill ROE log didn't show victim name
  • Fixed: Insta-deaths after multiple incaps would result in very low respawn time
  • Fixed: Respawn timer wasn't properly shown after insta-death from multiple incaps
  • Fixed: Nearby units / medic info wasn't properly hidden when clicking respawn or bleeding out when incapped

    Vehicles/Static Weapons:
  • Fixed: Vehicle despawn checks weren't activated when units in a vehicle were killed / dragged out of vehicle
  • Fixed: Properly fixed vehicle despawn now
  • Fixed: Super fast vehicle despawn (Totally didn't forget to multiply by 60 for values in minutes)
  • Fixed: Limitation of rounds in a magazine vehicle ammo (and statics) was broken (TOW/Metis 1 round reload)

  • Changed: Updated RHS 0.4 Launcher configs to be balanced with CUP ones

  • Changed: Missions: kitDefines.sqh: #define __isNight now includes 3 hours prior to dark, to cater for mission duration overlapping into night. However, missions will not receive this change automatically.
    Missions should be changed to include this simple global rename, at some stage.

    Code: Select all

    Edit kitDefines.sqh.
    #define __isNight (dayTime < 4 || dayTime > 20)
    #define __isNight (dayTime < 5 || dayTime > 17) // includes 3 hours prior 20:00, to cater for mission duration.
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