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TacBF 3.16 Changelog

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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TacBF 3.16 Changelog

Postby Adanteh » 16 Dec 2015, 18:23

Change log for TacBF v3.16.0
This update focuses on various fixes for game play elements which have become affected by the changes in the recent Arma patches. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports.

from TacBF Team.

First Aid:
  • Major: Changed: Reworked incap system completely
  • Major: Fixed: Low damage received as infantry
  • Fixed: Kill tracking for scoreboard
  • Fixed: Unit spawned in base before selecting actual spawn location
  • Fixed: Unit standing up when incapped
  • Fixed: Unit model going invisible during treatment after a while and markers disappearing
  • Fixed: Drag out wounded menu option, to get incap player out of vehicle
  • Fixed: Starting dragging while in 'combat pace' mode no longer gets you stuck in place (Thanks Bad Benson)
  • Added: Pressing Crouch or Prone while dragging will make sure you go to prone right away

First Aid UI & map:
  • Changed: Reworked some of the medic effects. Less DOOM style
  • Added: Incap column to scoreboard
  • Fixed: Player marker disappearing off map when incapped
  • Fixed: Players going AWOL when incapped in a vehicle (End up in bottom left corner of the map)
  • Changed: Removed some elements of the bleedout timer, (since map now actually works/remains)
  • Changed: Bleedout timer now replaced by vanilla respawn counter
  • Fixed: Both the 'Treatment' & 'Revive' markers and text overlap each other, when both requested.

  • Fixed: Taking long time to spawn in vehicle when enough players connected to make it spawn
  • Changed: Rewrote vehicle init completely. Less loops, more speed.
  • Fixed: Some problems with setting max vehicle respawn limit (Especially when there was a chance vehicle didn't spawn at start)
  • Added: Menu option "Vehicle Ammo List" on VSP, to get list of supported ammo for any of the armed vehicles on your team (Mostly useful for delivering appropriate ammo as pilot)

Menus & UI (user interface):
  • Added: AFK (away from keyboard) checking.
    Shows AFK status on Scoreboard. If > 5 mins, shows AFK in olive. If > 10 mins, shows AFK in orange.
  • Added: 'Weapon on back' option under Equipment menu
  • Added: "Show crew names" to vehicle interaction menu.
  • Removed: TacBF Fatigue bar disabled now, since vanilla Arma has it's own Fatigue bar
  • Fixed: map line markers: line links between non-circular markers were not drawn accurately to the exact edge.
  • Fixed: Parachuting players didn't show on map
  • Fixed: Some "Request" menu options would not show a message. Eg: "Report capture progress" menu option.
  • Fixed: Menu option "Capture progress?" didn't work for position of map click. Also now it prevents requesting progress of the zone you are in.
  • Tweaked: Respawn dialog: Show penalty duration numbers as rounded numbers, not long decimals.
  • Tweaked: Scoreboard: added Author name to tooltip of Mission Name.
  • Tweaked: UI: Added Kunduz to use TB world hints.
  • Changed: Menu option "Report capture progress" now distinguishes between: capturing a zone down to 0% and securing a zone up to 100%, (unless neutral).

  • Changed: Now 65% Yes votes is required to pass most votes
  • Fixed: Increase ticket votes also increased the caches by 30
  • Fixed: Voting: Choosing a reason to change mission sometimes displayed wrong reason.

  • Added: ram_core.pbo - Thanks to Olds and Bakerman for allowing us to use Real Armor Mod.
  • Added: tb_particles.pbo
  • Added: tb_respawn.pbo
  • Deleted: tb_missions.pbo
  • Changed: Updated carrying code.
  • Fixed: You could build FOs inside most restricted boundary areas (since v3.13 due to bug), like inside/near zones.
  • Tweaked: In A&D, attacking side can build FOs inside captured zones.
  • Changed: Reverted 'zone capture' 'soldier limit' back to 4 players, rather than recent unlimited count.
  • Changed: Ear plugs: For pilots/crewmen, earplugs now further reduces volume from 40% to 20% by simulating wearing a cuffed headset/helmet.
  • Changed: Attempted 1 fix to solve blank names appearing

Configs - general: (mostly Gunther)
  • Added: Ammo: added laser guided rounds to mortars & more flares and smoke rounds
  • Changed: Infantry: Tweaked some running speeds
  • Changed: Damage: Reduced mortar damage drastically & increased splash damage (EDIT: Not for 3.16)
  • Changed: Damage: reduced CUP AT mine damage. Will disable vehicles but not destroy them
  • Fixed: SMAW and MAAWS trajectory & Zerod MAAWS optic scope to use the built in rangefinder
  • Changed: dust size increased, will linger longer but generally less particle counts

Configs - Particle Effects: (mostly Gunther)
  • Changed: effects for primarily mortar and smoke (Gunther)
  • Changed: reduced IED particle count significantly & changed colors, to make it more realistic
  • Changed: reduced hand grenade smoke, slightly increased smoke size (more effective with better FPS)
  • Changed: buffed mortar smoke
  • Changed: buffed helo brownout smoke effects, without adding particle count

Mission Developer Changes:
  • Added: Menus: Under Debug menu, added "Count editor objects" to output 2 sorted lists of object types and their count to the RPT log file & screen.
    Intended to help identify: heavily used object types, excessive object usage.
  • Fixed: Vehicle respawn vars: Default respawn time for APCs, Tanks and Helis wasn't set properly (Instant respawn in some missions)
  • Fixed: LHD: Script error when respawning on LHD (Also missions shouldn't need marker setPos for LHD spawns anymore)
  • Changed: Default Russian faction flag now comes with an eagle

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