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TacBF 3.15 & 3.15.1 Change log

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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TacBF 3.15 & 3.15.1 Change log

Postby Adanteh » 24 Oct 2015, 15:35

Change log for TacBF v3.15.0
This update focuses on various fixes for the last major release, last week. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports for this.

The TB Launcher should be up to date too. US1 server will be updated soon.

TacBF Team.

    Game mode & Zone Changes:
  1. Fixed: Hopefully fixed the bug when it would not begin flag capture or allow flag touch.
    Rejoining the mission would reset your side probably, plus different units could be detected on different sides by the engine.
  2. Fixed: undefined variable in zone capture calculations
    Code: updateZoneCalculations.sqf: _zoneLevel instead of _zoneIndex.

    Squad Management & SL:
  3. Fixed: Don't need minimum group size to be able to deploy HO on your own as RES SL anymore
  4. Known Bug: Upon the player accepting an invite to a Support squad, the joining player is supposed to automatically switch to the crewman/pilot role, but this is not working in this release.
  5. Changed: As SL of Support Squad, when you invite a player, the player invite question message will include "as crewman/pilot" in orange, to indicate his role will change.
    Upon the player accepting the invite, the joining player will automatically switch to the crewman/pilot role.
  6. Changed: reverting to manually checking for SL of group via variable.
    A bug exists for JIP players, who do not seem to automatically receive the current group leader and the wrong leader (usually first group unit) is returned instead. Seems to be an Arma bug, but cannot be sure.
  7. Changed: JIP: Upon JIP, all SLs will attempt to reselect themselves as SL of their group, in an attempt to resync JIP clients with correct leader information for all groups.
  8. Changed: For Resistance faction, the join squad restriction was removed, for squads where the SL does not have a SL kit, which normally imposes a squad size limit. Rule was only intended for non-resistance factions.
  9. Minor: Changed: Sqd Mgt: When creating an Infantry Squad, the 2 sub-options are reversed (it is now "Dedidicated SL" first, then "Regular SL" second).

    FirstAid/Damage system:
  10. Fixed: Low damage received as infantry. i.e. Damage to infantry should be more lethal now.
  11. Changed: Bandaging in safe zone is now quicker and will always restore full health in a single bandage
  12. Fixed: Sometimes you couldn't revive a teammate because it said he was already bandaged but he was not.

    Static Mounted Weapons:
  13. Changed: Rebalanced AT weapons (Less destruction, more penetrating and crew killing)
  14. FIxed: Could carry mounted static weapons with someone inside it (unsure about that)
  15. Fixed: Mortar ammo box didn't get deleted when used (If no smoke was fired, but other ammo was)
  16. Fixed: Both HE, Flare and Smoke mortar ammo boxes got created, even though only one box was needed to rearm all ammo (Intended to rearm all types, not intended to have 3 types of boxes and thus 3 times the ammo)
  17. Fixed: Upright (mounted weapon) option didn't work properly. Switched to same code as action menu item

  18. Fixed: Vehicle rearm boxes not being generated
  19. Fixed: Make sure all turrets show up on inspect vehicle (Commander / loader turrets)
  20. Fixed: SetVariable for vehicle init code (Allows you to run extra code whenever a vehicle spawns. Used for removing weapons or adding actions). Example soon
  21. Fixed: Gun / Turret on APCs didn't repair properly and didn't show up in inspect vehicle
  22. Added: Real Armor Mod by Olds and Bakerman. Better compatibility between vanilla and RHS vehicle damage.
  23. Fixed: Incorrect default vehicle respawn multiplier fallback (Caused some missions to have instant vehicle respawn)

  24. Changed: Now always sets side of unloaded static weapons to the person unloading it. This means you get proper marker if you unload from enemy box (Or wrong side statics are used)
  25. Fixed: Max zoom level for name tags was very low on smaller terrains, scales properly based on terrain size now (iknowrite)
  26. Changed: Group / self name tag draw independent of zoom level now
  27. Fixed: Markers for static weapons occupied by enemies would show on map
  28. Fixed: Vehicle markers disappear when you're in a vehicle yourself (Mainly your own marker)
  29. Changed: Added minimum marker size for abandoned vehicles

  30. Added: Vote option to lower caches by one (S&D and caches that aren't revealed yet only)
  31. Added: Vote option to increase/decrease tickets by 30 for both sides

    General Fixes/Changes:
  32. Fixed: Paradrop Cargo button didn't work
  33. Added: Very basic fortification destruction option. If you have explosive charge you can place it by interacting with the fortification, which then give you scroll-wheel option to detonate destructing the fortification.
  34. Changed: Increased demolition time for enemy fortifications (from 30 to 90 seconds). Temp change till explosive placing script is added.

    Trivial Changes:
  35. Changed: Bit more fatigue regain if you're just standing still with rocket launcher and less gain if you're reloading it
  36. Changed: More serious explosion for the CUP IEDs and very dusty particle effects
  37. Fixed: Didn't localize text for request rearm/repair properly
  38. Fixed: No more flashing orbs whenever you unload something
  39. Fixed: Duplicate cargo in FO supplies
  40. Changed: Fatigue from construction is reduced by quite a lot
  41. Changed: Scoreboard: reverted background colours of column titles.
  42. Fixed: Scoreboard: Undefined var bug: TB_endGameResult_PV
  43. Fixed: Report Capture Progress: Fixed bad message formatting. (Rounded number. Parsed <percent> tags.)

    Mission Developer Changes:
  44. Added: Mission setting to limit max amount of vehicle magazines of a certain type
  45. Added: Debug option to copy list of vehicle magazines in format used for round limitations
  46. Fixed: Ability to set maximum ammo count per vehicle magazine in mission didn't work

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Re: TacBF 3.15 Change log

Postby Mechanique » 25 Oct 2015, 15:23

You also broke RPs, tickets and kill counts.
- squad rally points can't be set up by squad leader with a proper kit regardless of how many teammates still around, it always says "you need 2 more"
- tickets are not properly drained, we had 3, respawned 5 people at SRP (somehow it still worked, it does not now) and still had 2 left.
- kills are not being counted, teams have like 3-5 kills each and opposition has all the ten times of that in deaths.

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Re: TacBF 3.15 Change log

Postby Adanteh » 25 Oct 2015, 15:32

Tickets aren't subtracted on respawn, they're subtracted on death so that might've been it. Working on the other 2.

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Re: TacBF 3.15 Change log

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 26 Oct 2015, 15:00

v3.15.1 Change Log:

  • Fixed: Nearby players were not detected when deploying RPs
  • Fixed: Deaths after incap are not registered properly (Does not show as kill and no reporting for friendly incaps)
  • Change: Magazine / ammo count limitations for some vehicles included into the mod (Less endless HE spam)
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Re: TacBF 3.15 & 3.15.1 Change log

Postby hiddengearz » 30 Oct 2015, 15:11

Holy, allot of changes really quickly. I really only expected a hot fix to fix some of the more game breaking issues.

Great job! :)

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Re: TacBF 3.15 & 3.15.1 Change log

Postby mad rabbit » 31 Oct 2015, 00:24

Great job guys!

For me the FPS improvement has been very noticeable and all the minor polishing is great too.

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