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Dev Progress Update - Northern Summer (July 2015)

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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Dev Progress Update - Northern Summer (July 2015)

Postby Adanteh » 13 Jul 2015, 15:27

Hello there,
Seeing it's been fairly quiet on update news for a while I figured I'd go ahead and give everyone an update on some things.

As everyone probably knows the main problem for TacBF right now is performance. I've been working on large recodes for a while now that will cut out a lot of calculations from the clients, which should give players an FPS increase in general. The added bonus is that we can make missions with more zones without losing performance, which allows for more freedom when making missions. Even though I'm quite happy about all that many things have been optimized quite a bit, please don't expect a magical 60 FPS.

Another important thing to note is that outside of a possible FPS increase, the current work being done isn't really noticeable for players. There's a whole lot of work involved in simply restructuring blocks of code, getting some sort of organization in the files, documenting some things, figuring out why things are done the way they are and obviously working around some magical Arma commands that don't work the way they should. The thing about this is that it's a completely different process from writing a couple lines of code and also why it's so hard to have other people working on the mod. I remember when I started coding: Sure, the code worked, but it also makes an even bigger mess of the current code and only made it harder to maintain in the end. I've come a long way since, but if you'd like to help coding keep this in mind. We need some sort of indication that people know what they're doing, plus the primary work that has to be done is a lot larger scale than typing up a new feature and a whole lot more boring. If you feel like progress on TacBF isn't going fast enough keep the above in mind.

There's also a more pressing issue at hand: Donations. Money is needed to run servers, it's really as simple as that. Currently Gunther.S is paying for the bulk of the server costs with good Arma servers being very expensive, that is not something that is sustainable. I'd like to encourage everyone to please donate so we can keep a server up to play TacBF. Please take a look at the donation thread and if you can spare a couple of bucks that would be a great help.

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Re: Summer Update

Postby DLZ » 13 Jul 2015, 17:28

Performance is all we need in Tactical Battlefield for now. I stopped playing because of poor performance and I guess many players did the same. This post is a hope for all!

When is the next update going to be released? Any ETA?

Hats off to you guys!

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