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TacBF 3.12 Change Log

What are the TacBF Devs working on?
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TacBF 3.12 Change Log

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 24 Apr 2015, 15:07

With the release of v3.12 TacBF mod, here is the Change Log for it.

Go to TacBF v3.12 has been released for more info.

Change log:

  1. Added: Mission developers: respawning: Allow MW's to use vehicle respawn variables and rules.
  2. Fixed: Mission developers: briefings: briefings can now be created without using <br /> and instead just use normal linefeed as line breaks.
  3. Added: TFR channel was not being automatically restored after taking an instant kit, like crewman/pilot/engineer/SL.

    General bugs:
  4. Fixed: JIP: synchronise player & group variables from all players with JIP client. Arma 3 doesn't seem to do this reliably.
    This synchronised about 8 variables: language, player kit, squad name, squad details, FT leader, FT group/colour, SL value, locked group, locked FT's.
  5. Fixed: Could not unload wheels from vehicles (always)
  6. Fixed: Could not unload vehicle ammo from VSP (often)
  7. Fixed: TFR channel was not being automatically restored after changing kits
  8. Fixed: Could not deploy RP (often, multiple problems)
  9. Fixed: Initialisation has been changed, which should fix some of the earlier init problems.
  10. Fixed: objectGrabber.sqf error message prevented.
  11. Fixed: repair vehicles script bug
  12. Changed: Base Protection is now limited to checking for mortar/artillery fire, until next update.

    Workarounds for some unfixed bugs:
  13. Not Fixed: RP is still not destructible by gun-fire, but for now, a grenade will destroy it.
  14. Not Fixed: Unresolved weird bugs: There might still be some issues with the "weird" bugs, where we do not know the cause yet.
    For most of these bugs, respawning or rejoining the server can workaround the problem, until we fix them.
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