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All the latest events and tournaments.
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Postby Clay » 16 Mar 2017, 11:21

As long as TacBF Team now has a group of Event Managers to take care of proper event organization and support, here are the steps managers should follow to prepare for event and bring enough ppl.

Event Managers - TacBF team members in charge of events and test sessions organization and announcement

Test sessions - regular games without any strict rules, preferably covering all mission types. Test sessions should be announced in advance.

Community events - official game sessions organized and controlled by TacBF Team according to official event rules

1. Pre-event testing
a. Every mission, chosen for the event, should be tested at least once before the event.
1st test on Mon-Tue,
2nd test on Wed-Thu
1-2 days between sessions

2. Create Doodle poll with short description and all essential liks:
TBD by Eyeball will include all links
Steam main:

3. Announcements
Event managers should post test session and event announcements here:
TacBF forums
BI forums (TacBF thread)
Facebook (TacBF page)
VK (TacBF page)
Steam (TacBF Main Group)
Discord (#events with @everyone tag, #tacbf_topics without @everyone or @here, message should be BOLD (**announcement _text**)

Use announcement template, changing just date and probably short agenda

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