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@RHS updated to v0.4.1

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Dev & Site Manager
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@RHS updated to v0.4.1

Postby Dr_Eyeball » 17 May 2016, 12:15

@RHS updated:
Server and TacBF Launcher have been updated with new @RHS v0.4.1 updates plus new @RHS GREF mod.

Bug fix:
A server-side bug fix has been applied, to fix the bug where the chat window keeps disappearing when the Main Menu is used (especially to Respawn).

Mission Error:
I found that some missions, like Hells Highway, have generated a mission error after joining from the player lobby into the mission.
It just boots you back to the server listing and in the chat tab, it shows "Mission could not be read" or similar.
Still looking into the cause.
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Community Member
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Re: @RHS updated to v4.0.1

Postby KeyCat » 18 May 2016, 05:28

Typo? Looking at RHS page the new version is 4.1.0.


Admin: corrected from v4.0.1 to v0.4.1
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Re: @RHS updated to v0.4.1

Postby Ellman » 20 May 2016, 19:24

The mission error is caused because something was removed in the RHS update. And it removed something that is placed in the mission or something which is spawned in with a script upon mission start.

Edit: What could be done is going back to older versions of the mission and seeing if those work and then compare the missions and see what it is that's causing the issue.
Hope it helps.

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