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Join Discord channel, to chat about TacBF

All the latest news and info on TacBF.
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Re: Chat about TacBF on Discord channel

Postby Schadler17 » 08 Jul 2016, 09:59


Players should know about discord, especially in times like now when we're all waiting for updates on how progress is going.
Feel free to join the channel @

If that doesn't work (cause sometimes invite links expire after 24h, but I think this is perm link) then contact a developer or myself and we'll be sure to get you in the channel.

You're not required to download anything, works just like an IRC channel. You can download the app, or just run it in your browser, and both support VOIP if its ever needed.

Its also good for announcing events, so if anyone is planning anything, announce it to everyone involved in discord and if they've got the app they'll get an alert.

Anyone looking to help on the ThugBF addition, contact Clay for an invite to a private channel specifically for its development. If you don't wish to assist with it, please don't request an invite to keep chat to a minimum and development to a maximum, but all help is welcome. :P
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