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Armor Tips and Tricks

An area to discuss systems and ways of completing objectives and share tutorials.
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Armor Tips and Tricks

Postby simsim0228 » 30 May 2015, 23:56

Since my CAS Tips and Tricks thread was really popular(not) Im going to start an armor tips and tricks thread.

Tips1: Applies to most cases but make sure to have a strong communication between the driver, commander and gunner(none wants to play as the loader). Best case is if you play with friends.

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Re: Armor Tips and Tricks

Postby hiddengearz » 31 May 2015, 00:52

Meh armor is the easiest thing to use in my opinion.

- Don't go into urban areas, that's the infantries job.
- Sit as far back as possible so you don't get 1 hit by AT.
- Try to have a 'infantry shield', I don't mean sit 100m behind the infantry but sit far enough where you can engage effectively but theirs infantry from your 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock or even better almost all around you (not right beside you, they could be 1km away). This way anyone trying to flank you will probably be spotted and thus marked on the map.
-Don't stay in the exact same spot for a long time.
- Prioritize against enemy armor and AT. Enemy tanks are usually distracted racking up their kills on infantry.
- Don't go lone wolfing your a support element.
- Turn your engine off if theirs CAS, they don't see you on radar

Do that and your guaranteed to last the whole game if not most of it. You may not get as many kills but you'll guarantee friendly infantry isn't getting pounded by eanemy tanks and if they're getting pounded by infantry they'll mark them. Move strategically and engage.

TLDR: Treat a tank almost like CAS/mortars and you lower your risk of taking a missile to the face but can provide overwhelming firepower when its most needed.

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