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Any Airsoft players?

Anything other than TacBF talk.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2016, 14:29
In-game Name: Ellman

Any Airsoft players?

Postby Ellman » 12 Apr 2016, 06:56


Since this is the "Off-Topic" section, there for I decided to go for it and ask if there are any Airsoft players here in TacBF?
Feel free to post you're Airsoft gear and equipment and as well and/or any information regarding.

I'll start with my Sniper rifle:

Information Regarding the sniper:
- Everything has been upgraded.
- Velocity: (475 fps) 145 m/s with 0.40g BB's , (656) 200 m/s with 0.20

Will post picture + information on my other gun later this week.

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Global Moderator
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Re: Any Airsoft players?

Postby Schadler17 » 13 Apr 2016, 10:26

I used to shoot BB guns at my brother if that counts. Till he shot me just under the eye and a BB got lodged under my skin and had to pop it out. Too close of a call to do that anymore lmao.

Always wanted to try airsoft/paintball though. Seen a few airsoft realism groups on youtube and it looks pretty interesting.
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In-game Name: Seraphim

Re: Any Airsoft players?

Postby Seraphim » 08 May 2016, 19:49

Welp, time to feel like a faggot.

I've been playing for about 3.5 years now, went to about 12 milsim events across the US, have had fun doing it so far.

Here's a few of my high-end collections (nothing rare or classic though):

Action shots from April 30th, 2016 (I'm in the black shirt):
Plate carrier setup for real steel and airsoft:
Current primary HPA (before switching receivers):
Previous primary HPA:
Stoner 96 LMG:
First HPA conversion rifle:

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