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@CBA_A3 & TacBF updated. | Get TacBF Launcher!
Recent updates applied: @CBA_A3 3.3.1-170504, @TacBF 3.24.10. (13 May 2017)
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Recommended method!

TacBF Launcher / Automatic Downloader (new!)


Why use the launcher?

* Allows dev team to release updates more frequently

* Supports partial updates with resume downloading feature

* Fast downloads

* Always certain to be same version as official server

* All mods available together in one spot

* Fast update checks at start up

* No Windows install required


Required Addons (Manual installation)


Tactical Battlefield [v3.24.10] (535 MB) - see TacBF Download Mirrors below

CBA A3 [v3.3.1-170504 - 0.4mb] - Mirrors: Latest versionSteam

@CUP Terrains - Core (v1.3.0 - 7.7gb) - Mirrors: CUPSteam, ArmaholicBIS

@CUP Terrains - Maps (v1.3.0 - 2.9gb) - Mirrors: CUPSteam, ArmaholicBIS

Kunduz Afghanistan (v1.20.2 - 1.1gb) - Mirrors: Steam, Armaholic, BIS

EricJ Taliban Fighters (RC20 - 123mb) - Mirrors: SteamArmaholic, BIS

RHS: AFRF [] (1.7gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (1)BIS
RHS: USAF [] (1.3gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (2)BIS
RHS: GREF [] (0.8gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (3)BIS
RHS: SAF [] (0.2gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (4)BIS

Task Force Radio & x64.dll [0.9.12] (134mb) - Mirrors: SteamLatest versionArmaholic


Steam Collection (Manual installation)

Steam TacBF Mod Collection


Optional Addons 

Missile Sounds Mod [678 kb] - get it on SteamArmaholicGoogleBIS or use TacBF Launcher

TacBF Launcher will list optional addons under Options page.
To enable, you will need to tick the relevant optional addon.
See example screenshot: Optional addon example screenshot in TacBF Launcher

Installation Instructions


TacBF Launcher and Installer (new!)

ArmA3Sync (no longer supported)

play withSix

TacBF Download Mirrors


Steam Workshop: click for details (3.24.10) (3.24.10)

MEGA (3.24.10)

Armaholic* (3.24.0)

withSix* (3.24.0)* (3.23.0)


Note: upon each release, sites marked with an asterix (*) may take 1+ days longer to update,
due to external procedures (or due to RC trial phase).


Server & TeamSpeak 3 details.


Info for server admins available on page 2.