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Recent updates applied: @CBA_A3 3.3.1-170504, @TacBF 3.24.10. (13 May 2017)
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Some starting notes

  • Always check the download page for the mods and versions required!
  • This is written as a general guide to get into the official servers. Unofficial servers may require / exclude certain mods. 
  • Only manual install is handled here with the Arma3Launcher. We can't write a guide for every of the 100 ways of installing
  • Other locations for your mods can be used, but I'll use the Arma 3 folder as example
  • Exact mods used and file/folder names can be different


Downloading Mods

Download all required mods listed on the download page first. While you are waiting for the download I highly suggest reading the quickstart guide.


Extract the mod folder (Starting with @) into the Arma 3 installation folder. Some mods may come with Userconfig folder that you also want to copy into Arma 3 location


In some cases mods may already have a copy of @CBA_A3 included. Don't use that one because it is often outdated. Make sure you grab the CBA version listed on the download page 



Mod Folder screenshot



Setting up Task Force Radio

The Task force radio download comes looking similar to this


Task Force Radio screenshot


The contents of Arma 3 folder should be placed as per previous step


The Teamspeak 3 Client folder contains a folder called plugins, you need to move this to the installation location of Teamspeak. 


It should look like the following picture


Teamspeak Plugins Screenshot


Once this is done go to Teamspeak and click Settings > Plugins or press Ctrl+Shift+P. 


In the opened window click the checkbox in front of Task Force Arma 3 Radio


Using Task Force radio in-game is handled in the quickstart guide.



Starting TacBF


Start Arma 3 through Steam, which opens up the Arma 3 Launcher. 


Go to the launcher options by selecting the cogwheel icon in the top right corner


Under Mod Management click the button at the right side and add your mod location (Arma 3 installation folder)


arma 3 launcher options screenshot


Click the Mods button and select the mods required. These can be different from the screenshot. Check the download page for required mods!


In the top right of the list select the Preset dropdown and save as TacBF


In the bottom left corner click the arrow at the right side of the play button and select TacBF



arma 3 launcher options screenshot


Joining a server


Connecting to the Teamspeak server before joining the game servers is recommended. 


The official TacBF server info can be find on the Server info page