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Arma 3 v1.68 & TacBF 3.24.7 updated. | Get TacBF Launcher!
Recent updates applied: Arma 3 v1.68, @TacBF v3.24.7. (26 March 2017)
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Recommended method!

TacBF Launcher / Automatic Downloader (new!)


Why use the launcher?

* Allows dev team to release updates more frequently

* Supports partial updates with resume downloading feature

* Fast downloads

* Always certain to be same version as official server

* All mods available together in one spot

* Fast update checks at start up

* No Windows install required


Required Addons (Manual installation)


Tactical Battlefield [v3.24.7] (520 MB) - see TacBF Download Mirrors below

CBA A3 [v3.2.1.170227 - 0.4mb] - Mirrors: Latest versionSteam

@CUP Terrains - Core (v1.3.0 - 7.7gb) - Mirrors: CUPSteam, ArmaholicBIS

@CUP Terrains - Maps (v1.3.0 - 2.9gb) - Mirrors: CUPSteam, ArmaholicBIS

Kunduz Afghanistan (v1.20.2 - 1.1gb) - Mirrors: Steam, Armaholic, BIS

EricJ Taliban Fighters (RC20 - 123mb) - Mirrors: SteamArmaholic, BIS

RHS: AFRF [] (1.7gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (1)BIS
RHS: USAF [] (1.3gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (2)BIS
RHS: GREF [] (0.8gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (3)BIS
RHS: SAF [] (0.2gb) - Mirrors: SteamRHS (4)BIS

Task Force Radio & x64.dll [0.9.12] (134mb) - Mirrors: Latest versionArmaholic


Optional Addons (Manual installation)


Missile Sounds Mod [678 kb] - get it on SteamArmaholicGoogleBIS


Installation Instructions


TacBF Launcher and Installer (new!)

ArmA3Sync (no longer supported)

play withSix

TacBF Download Mirrors


Steam Workshop: click for details (3.24.7) (3.24.7)

MEGA (3.24.7)

Armaholic* (3.24.0)

withSix* (3.24.0)* (3.23.0)


Note: upon each release, sites marked with an asterix (*) may take 1+ days longer to update,
due to external procedures (or due to RC trial phase).


Server & TeamSpeak 3 details.


Info for server admins available on page 2.